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Although I don’t join this circle every month, I adore this project because it gently nudges me to pick up the camera at home and document a little snippet of real life with these kids of mine.  I’m honored to be with a group of extremely talented friends and I invite you to visit each of their blogs this month by clicking on the link at the end of each post.

During the 20 years that we’ve been married, we’ve had our share of pets.  Two dogs, a few hermit crabs, miscellaneous fish, more rabbits than I care to count, a cat, a snake, one bearded dragon, and a tiny frog.  While I was out of town a few months ago, we acquired our most recent family member.  This is Roxy, the leopard gecko.  As pets go, she’s pretty easy.  She eats crickets and meal worms, loves to climb around, is surprisingly soft, and never ever complains.  Will was chilling on our bed with her a few weeks ago and I documented it.  This is “What Roxy looks Like”.



Ashley Jennett of The Stork and the Beanstalk has this beautiful blog full of photography and journaling and inspiration.  Please stop by and see what’s going on in her life this month.


Ginger Unzueta - Wendy, wow, I know my kids would love Roxy. Very cool pet. Love all the ways you captured this new addition to your family!

Mason | Newborn

There is no place more intimate and meaningful than your home for your newborn session.  Documenting life together in the place where your story lives is priceless.  Kelli, Mark, and Mason, thank you for welcoming me into your home.

bay area newborn photographerbay area baby photographerbay area newborn baby photographer

Sekera Family | Mini Sessions 2014

Adore them.  Absolutely adore them.  Especially because they brought Grandma and Grandpa aka “the best smile inducers around” to the session this time.  Naturally, I’ve requested their presence for all future sessions. blog

Lenka Vodicka - so sweet! Their smiles make me smile :)

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